Imagine how good your golf game would be if you could practice your short game in your backyard.  That ‘s what we’re here to do, build a first class practice facility on your own property. We build PGA Tour caliber golf greens, over 70 PGA Tour professionals have trusted their short games to us.  We realize every situation and golfer are unique, so we’ll use our golf expertise and cutting edge installation methods to provide you with the best design for your needs.  Our greens react like the greens you are used to playing on at your country club or public course.  Our system is the only one available where your shots will perform like you’re playing on a real green!

When you spin a wedge into your golf green, it should react realistically and not like a frozen green.  We understand the game of golf and it’s intricacies.  All consultations will be done by a single digit handicapper, not someone who just adds putting greens to their offerings for another revenue stream. 

We love talking with you about your golf game and what you’re looking to get out of your green.  We’re excited to bring a real golf experience to your property!


Brock Turf is a Celebrity Greens’ Exclusive Partner.

Celebrity Greens is a North American leader in luxury putting greens and artificial grass installations. Exclusive Partners for Celebrity Greens are selected based on their expertise in the field, experience and quality craftsmanship. They are highly specialized and trained in the expert design and installation of synthetic turf applications.

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